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The smart way to practice healthy living.

Be inspired to live a healthier life.

Reach a weight you feel good about, find great-tasting healthy foods, take easy steps to a more active life. Let's do this -- together.

Focus Areas

How This Works

You pick a focus area to start working on now.

Eat better. Be more active. Love life. You can do this!

What's a focus area?

What's a focus area?

A focus area is the part of your life you want to work on first. You'll choose activity, weight, diet, stress or tobacco. They aren't diets or boot camps or things that come and go: they're changes to your habits you're going to stick with for good.


Set a goal you can reach and get help from a coach if you need one.

Change your habits. Reach your goals. Feel awesome.

What's a health coach?

What's a health coach?

Using a health coach can have a BIG impact on your health. We have a team of experts whose job it is to help people make changes they can stick to. We think you'll like your coach. And we know you'll love the results.


Build an Action Plan to help you reach your goal.

Keep doing healthy stuff. Reward yourself. You deserve it.

What's an action plan?

What's an action plan?

The Action Plan is how we're going to help you reach your goal. You log in, check your Action Plan and get specific things you can do today - right now, that are going to help you take a step in the right direction. Your Action Plan will update through a series of different topics as you complete tasks.


Do More. Achieve More!

Track progress from anywhere.

You can use all the site's features on your smartphone.

Search our health library.

Sick, injured, or just want to know more? Get tools you can use.

Get a personal message center.

We'll send you important reminders, alerts and encouragement. No Spam!

Link up your fitness device.

Add it to your account settings and we'll track it for you.